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The following people have contributed to the site:

Carlo van Haastregt He wrote the profile of Bob de Jong. Bjarte Hetland He wrote the profiles of Michael Staksrud, Jonny Nilsson, Hjalmar Andersen, Oscar Mathisen, Jan Egil Storholt, Boris Shilkov, Jack Shea, Gaétan Boucher, Knut Johannesen, Clas Thunberg, Ard Schenk, Anne Henning, Nikolay Strunnikov, Sigvard Ericsson, Sten Stensen, Piet Kleine, Bernt Evensen, Kees Verkerk, Christa Luding-Rothenburger, Viktor Kosichkin, Geir Karlstad, Chris Witty, Yevgeny Kulikov, Sheila Young-Ochowicz, Ids Postma, Yevgeny Grishin and Karin Kania-Enke.

Robert Hovde He wrote the profile of Lidiya Skoblikova.

Rianne Mense She wrote the profiles of Gerard van Velde, Charles Mathiesen, Clara Hughes and Lee Sang-hwa.

Jeroen Savelkouls He wrote the profiles of Enrico Fabris, Joey Cheek, Chad Hedrick and Marianne Timmer.

Machiel Smit He wrote the profiles of Galina Stepanskaya, Igor Malkov and Bart Veldkamp.

Gerrit Stevens He wrote the profile of Stien Baas-Kaiser.

Pieter Vankan He wrote the profiles of Mark Tuitert, Igor Zhelezovsky and Yvonne van Gennip.

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